Getting Started

There are many other places online that offer lessons, tips, and more, to eager novices. There are links to two of them a little farther down.

Vidi Academy is a bit different, here a step-by-step mentoring approach helps you to develop your knowledge and skills.

Just going through a series of lessons may not be the best way for you. You need to develop skills, techniques and methods. How well you succeed may not be easy for you to evaluate. That is why we offer a mentored approach.

The Vidi Academy approach starts with a free evaluation of your interests and your needs. The result allows you to set up a study plan that you can do on your own, or you can subscribe to a mentoring plan that is tailored for you.

If you are unsure and wish to explore other learning opportunities here are two respected online photography study places:

Cambridge in Colour

Yes, that is Cambridge in the United Kingdom – hence the spelling. This site offers excellent tutorials and a very visual approach.

The tutorials at Cambridge in Colour are detailed and thorough. There is no specific lesson plan, but the material is well organized and can easily be followed by a beginner. Some of the material is even of value to very experienced photographers.


Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School offers a huge number of tips and tutorials. Some are arranged for beginners.

You will find their tutorials excellent and very helpful.

Thank you for reading this far.

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